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Multi-channel ecommerce for pharmacy and health
Designed to drive more orders, from web, social and your own app. Improve customer experience and bring in more loyal customers.
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Tailored features designed specifically for pharmacy and health
Global Shipping Solutions
Cater to diverse customer needs with flexible shipping choices, including local delivery and international shipping options.
Seamless mass product management
Streamline your inventory management by effortlessly importing and syncing extensive product lists with your stock control system.
Tailored Coupon Creation
Provide customers with personalized and corporate coupon offerings, featuring various discount types to suit different preferences.
Enhanced Filtering and intelligent search
Enable users to find exactly what they want using advanced filters and a predictive search with auto correct and learning patterns that returns accurate results.
Gift Card Selection
Empower customers to share the joy by allowing them to purchase and exchange gift cards, with predefined or customizable amounts.
Quick Quantity Addition
Simplifies the shopping experience with a one-click option for users to add quantities and effortlessly keep track of their selected items.
Occasional Promotions
Ensure your customers never miss out on special occasions by creating themed collections and exclusive promotions.
Bundle Sales
Curate product beauty or healthy products bundles to offer customers a convenient way to purchase multiple items as a single package.

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