App, website, loyalty and sales tools to drive more direct orders, for bakeries

Multi-channel ecommerce for bakeries and sweet shops
Drive more direct orders, keep more profits, improve customer experience and bring in more loyal customers.
All with less efforts

Empowering successful food businesses since 2013

From large chain bakeries and sweet shops to small and medium-sized independent businesses
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Witness how our technology can help you to upscale your business
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    Reduce aggregators commıssions
    Convert more customers to order direct from your own app
    Save on aggregators commissions
    Calculate savings
    Orders per month
    Average Order Value
    Aggregator Commisions
    Saved Monthly
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    Provide referral incentives, improve your SEO and get insiders tactics on how to get the ball rolling
    • Convert followers to customers
      Using weevi's connection to direct ordering from facebook and Instagram, convert your followers to customers!
    Get more reccurent orders
    Offer a rewarding loyalty program. Provide exclusive offers and discounts. Keep your customers data and send engaging marketing messages.
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Witness how our technology can help you to upscale your business

An expert team to make it happen and keep it growing

We value your time and your focus on your restaurant core business.
No technical skills or time consuming efforts needed from your end, our team will setup your store and keep it growing!
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Totally integrated

Weevi integration partners network is growing monthly. "Whats better?" Our team is on its marks to integrate with any tools that are open to integrate.
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