Commission free, Affordable plans that scale with your business

Flat pricing - Zero Commission
1st location/m
on extra locations
1st location/m
on extra locations
* Volume pricing available for 5 locations and up
Flat pricing - Zero Commission
Transform your restaurant whole ordering experience
Online ordering
Online ordering website
Fully branded interfaces
Google, Facebook and Instagram ordering
Delivery, pickup, curbside and drive through
In-restaurant ordering
Scan QR to order
Scan QR to pay
Digital menu
Order on kiosk
Your mobile app
50 - per month
45 - per month
Fully branded android and IOS apps
Unlimited push notifications
App creation, upload to stores and updates
Loyalty program and automated marketing
50 - per month / location
45 - per month / location
Tier-based levels, cashbacks, prize rewards, referral benefits and more.
Automated marketing and assisted order boosting
With all inclusive - Enterprise grade features
Automated promos
Online and in-store vouchers
Gift cards
Push notifications
Refer and earn
Smart upselling / cross selling
Scheduled ordering
1 click re-ordering
Calories counter
Unlimited languages
One step high converting checkout
Coupons and offers library
Advanced operational tools and robust reports
Order & menu management app
Advanced detailed reports
Customer live chat
Customer feedback collection
Drivers management and assignment
Customer segmentation and insights
Assisted setup, dedicated consultancy and support
Dedicated account manager
24/7 chat and phone support
Fully assisted setup
One to one team training
POS integration
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Still wondering ?
You can go live with the ecommerce web ordering website in as little as 2 days if your content is ready. Your mobile app will be created 2 days later and will be submitted to app stores. Going live with the full solution typically requires about 10 working days.
In the launch and setup phase our team will handle most of the effort needed, to guide you and get you live . The order management system is designed to be incredibly user-friendly, and can be easily managed by individuals with basic operational skills, requiring minimal technical expertise.
No, you won't have to worry about hosting or any unexpected fees. All hosting and related costs (such as APP store subscription) are covered by the monthly subscription, ensuring you won't encounter any additional charges.
Absolutely, you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time. Just provide us with formal notice of your intention to cancel before the next billing cycle. Please note that upon requesting cancellation, you'll need to continue paying the subscription fee for the current month you're in.
Absolutely, our packages do not include any commission fees. This is indeed accurate and you won't have to worry about commission fees. However, it's worth noting that in certain exceptional cases, you might be subject to a flat rate fee for any additional orders beyond a certain cap.
Certainly, we do offer custom pricing tailored to larger businesses. Our pricing model is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, including larger enterprises. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your specific requirements and receive a pricing plan that aligns with the needs of your business expected transactions volume.
Everything you need is already bundled into the solution, our team keeps releasing new features and exciting modules every month. You will have access to all those features at no additional cost. If you have a feature in mind that is not integrated within our features suite, we would love to hear from you and add the feature to our upcoming release track.
Weevi integrates with more than a hundred POS and payment gateways, We also integrate with many SMS providers, delivery companies, loyalty programs and CRMs. We absolutely love connecting! Our fantastic team is all set to seamlessly integrate with any tools that are open to collaboration.
We understand that you may have additional questions and we're here to assist you.You can reach out directly to our dedicated customer success sales team, on (832) 5833090 (70) 890 978 6 64 97 37 62 +44 7949 305802 or at
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