The best online ordering system for restaurants

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The best online ordering system for restaurants
  • Restaurants with online ordering systems make about 30% more profits.
  • A better Online ordering systems would encourage customers to order directly

Owning a restaurant involves keeping your customers satisfied, provide good service, good food, and make it easy for them to order so they keep coming back. Many Americans, about 31%, use food delivery services often.

Restaurants with online ordering systems make about 30% more profit compared to those without. These systems help organize food orders, reduce mistakes, and collect data about customers preferences.

We've put together a list of the best online ordering systems and website creators for restaurants to help you run your business better and make it easier for your customers to order through your website or app.

The Best Online Ordering Systems For Restaurants

1 - Weevi

Weevi is a next-generation online ordering system for restaurants integrated with a loyalty program and effective marketing tools. With just two years on the market, the company has delivered custom solutions for over 400 restaurants ranging from big chains restaurants and QSR to independent small business restaurants, scaling their businesses online. You can find Burger king, Subway, Roadster, Salata, Paul and many others on their customer list.

Being one of the best online ordering systems, Weevi provides complete setup assistance and introduces new features monthly. When using this system, you get powerful and accessible tools: managing menus and availability, processing deliveries and pick-ups, tracking delivery logistics, offering special discounts, and sending marketing notifications

Weevi helps you manage menus, process deliveries, and offer special discounts. It works on your website, app, Facebook page, and more. They also have a loyalty program with rewards.

Key features Weevi offers:

  • Serve clients through your own channels like website, app, Facebook page, Google listing, and more;
  • Process and manage the orders and pickups in a snap;
  • Customize your ordering process with advanced features, including live calorie counting, saving favorites, reordering previous orders and saved meal preferences, one-page checkout, and order status updates via push notifications;
  • Use various effective sales and growing tools;
  • Implement localization so that customers can see items availability according to the location, as well as change currency, languages, and payment systems;
  • Measure your results through modern reports;
  • Integrate your service with popular delivery providers and tools.
  • Benefit from their advanced loyalty program with tiers of incentives, rewards, and referral programs.
  • Use dine-in, on-table, and kiosk ordering features.
  • The Weevi team also offers full customization of your ordering system to match your brand.

All in all, Weevi’s online food ordering services will help you create an exclusive and highly effective user experience for your customers and team. 

2 - Bbot Ordering

Bbot Smart Ordering is known for working with many famous names in the industry. It helps streamline orders, curbside pickups, and deliveries with digital menus. Customers can easily order and pay using a QR code on their mobile devices.

3 - Chownow

Chownow has been helping local restaurants in California since 2011. It allows customers to order via a mobile app, Instagram, Google search, or your restaurant's website. Chownow can also connect you with drivers for delivery.

4 - FreshBytes

FreshBytes is a system focused on medium-sized restaurants. It's an affordable and easy-to-use online ordering system. It enhances the user experience with menu pictures, one-touch reordering, and real-time order status.

5 - GloriaFood

GloriaFood turns your website into a money-making tool. It's a top online ordering solution suitable for small and medium-sized restaurants.

6 - UpMenu

UpMenu is a top-tier online ordering system for restaurants of all sizes. It offers powerful tools for menu management, order processing, and marketing communications. It helps create a better experience for your customers and team.

7 - Restolabs

Restolabs is a digital ordering system with marketing tools, integrations, analytics, and 24/7 support. It connects your online and offline operations, providing a personalized experience for customers.

8 - Lunchbox

Lunchbox is an all-in-one online ordering solution designed to grow restaurant revenues. It offers native app and web ordering, loyalty programs, marketing tools, and third-party order aggregation systems.

9 - iMenu360

iMenu360 provides online food ordering services with no contracts and low monthly costs. It partners with thousands of restaurants worldwide, offering mobile-friendly online ordering and contact-free transactions.

10 - MenuDrive

MenuDrive is known for helping restaurants earn money through online sales. It offers customization options and tools for revenue optimization, customer retention, and business performance tracking.


Choosing the right online ordering system is important for your restaurant. This list includes different systems with various features, costs, and ease of use. Hopefully, it helps you pick the best one for your restaurant.

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